Thursday, October 4, 2012

Aye-Aye you got a minute?

Remember that kindergarten rule we all learned when we were like 6 years old? The one about not saying anything if it’s not nice? Well, for some reason once we became adults we developed this idea that this rule no longer applies to us. Sooo, I’m going to go ahead, and remind you all… If you have nothing nice to say, then don’t say anything at all. Categorized as one of the most unusual creatures (I think he’s adorable),

Let’s put our middle fingers together for this guy... the Aye-Aye.

Endemic to Madagascar, these nocturnal critters are best known for their elongated middle finger. And no, they don’t use it to pick their nose. Instead they have an extraordinary adaption for capturing grub (they also eat fruit and nectar). By tapping on the bark of trees they listen for hollow cavities left behind by wood burrowing grub. Once dinner is targeted they gnaw into the bark with their super sharp front teeth and then using that bony middle finger they fish out the prize. Not only can the Aye-aye use his big leathery ears to hear the grub moving around but scientist believe they can even feel the vibrations of grub stirring as they tap on the wood!? Dinner anyone?? This critter balances between Near Threatened and Endangered on the ICUN red list due to habitat loss and superstition; No, that’s not a misprint! I said superstition. The Malagasy people believe the Aye-aye is a symbol of death and any who lay eye on him is doomed. In order to escape this fate the "demonic creature" must be exterminated, so typically they are killed on sight. Let’s show those villagers what we think about their myth and flick them off Aye-aye style.

This video is a clip from Nat Geo: Freaks on land. Happy grubbing!
This is a video of a baby Aye-aye born at the Philadelphia Zoo. Talk about ADORABLE!!!

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