Tuesday, October 23, 2012

If you don’t know how to tell her you like her

In today’s high tech society dating has become LAZYYYYY. What happened to courtship and being wooed? Now it’s just profile views and misconstrued text messages. GET IT TOGETHER BOYSSSS!!!!! Anything worth having is worth working for! So… if after numerous attempts of trying to get her attention (telling her about your Star Wars collection or inviting her over for a CPR refresher course) have failed then the next best thing is to show her your dancing skills.

Lace up your dancing shoes cause this guys going to teach you how to bust a move… the BROLGA CRANE.
Living in the open swamp lands of Australia, this critter isn’t just long legged and handsome. These monogamous birds are best known for having the most elaborate courtship displays in the animal kingdom. At around 2-3 years of age, Brolga’s begin searching for that lucky lady!  Once she’s spotted, males will lay down their most impressive dance moves, which begin by the tossing of grass into the air. Head bobbing, flapping, prancing, jumping, pirouetting, bowing and wing shaking are all part of this critters eye catching routine.  If she accepts, than each year no matter how long they’ve been together they will dance with one another. Sounds like something out of The Notebook right? Although this performance is primarily a mating practice, pairs will dance year around, scientists believe that this helps strengthen the couples bond. While they are typically found in small family groups of 3-4 which includes both parents and juvenile offspring, family groups of up to 1000 will gather together during non- breeding seasons in order to feed.  So… how can we apply this to our dating lives, just remember; couples that dance together STAY together.

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