Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Real woman love a good MOUSTACHE

Moustaches have been around for a VERY long time. While the origins of where and when they came into fashion are blurry, paintings and sculptures of ancient Greeks sporting the stache are numerous. So let’s just say that they’ve been around since roughly the 6 century BCE. Thought to represent wisdom, virility or rank it’s no surprise that we would have our very own…

Mustached critter… the EMPEROR TAMARIN.

Such a gallant image, I know!!! It’s thought that they were named because of their resemblance to the German Emperor Wilhem II. Living in groups of 2-8, it’s the eldest female who runs the show. Tamarin’s inhabit the tropical forest regions of South America, their diet consisting mostly of fruits, insects and small vertebrae. What makes these critters unique? and no it’s not the AWESOME moustache, it's how the young are raised. While the eldest female is the only one to mate in the group with the highest ranked males, ALL members of the group contribute to infancy care. Signaling with her tongue, the males are more than happy to relieve her of her motherly duties, they will carry and groom the newborn until she returns. You’re thinking it, and I’m just going to say it out loud, he’s PERRRRFECT!!!! While currently listed as Least Concern on the IUCN Red List, there biggest threat is deforestation due to construction. Let’s get it together people help stop deforestation and respect the STACHE!
I’m posting 2 links the first one is a clip from the BBC show Clever Monkeys. The second is a link to the Greenpeace website and the efforts being made to stop deforestation… there’s also a donate button on the right (hint, hint)

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  1. I love reading what you write. Not only I learn something new, but I also have fun. I can't wait to read more! Thank you, bba