Monday, October 8, 2012

Coca-Cola owes me a fortune!!!

In 1922, this critter became an iconic figure for a household name. Appearing in the “northern lights” commercial this guy turned into one of the most popular symbols of Coca-Cola advertising. Sporadically seen in commercials and on bottles for the next 70 years, Coca- Cola can thank there 67 billion dollar business to this celebrity.
Put on your parka and welcome… the Polar Bear.

Yes, we all know the Polar bear, so it should be no surprise that at one point I would blog about this sweet and loveable guy. Adapted to living in one of the most extreme environments, this guy calls the Arctic Circle home, sweet home. The Polar Bear is one of the largest land carnivores, weighing between 550-1700 lbs and a height between 8-10 feet, this is one critter best loved from afar. With a thick layer of fur and blubber allowing for insulation and buoyancy, scientist once considered categorizing them as sea mammals. Sea mammals…like whales? You may be thinking, that’s correct these excellent swimmers have been spotted in open Arctic waters 200 miles away from land. Polar bears are so well padded and insulated that to prevent overheating even in sub-zero temperatures, they tend to walk slow and spend lots of time resting. One of their most humanistic features is that these guys are known to throw temper tantrums. Researchers have observed them throwing chunks of ice, kicking snow and growling in disappointment after losing prey they’ve been trying to catch. Sound like anyone you know? So where’s the problem you might be saying to yourself, there are plenty of seals and they have no predators! What’s the big deal? THE ICE CAPS PEOPLE!!!!!! The ice caps are melting, with the current crisis of global warming the Polar bear's are in danger of becoming extinct. Already red listed as an endangered species; As the ice caps melt Polar bears have to swim farther and farther to find suitable habitat and prey.We may not be responsible for the things that have happened up to this day, but we are responsible for the things that will happen from here on out.
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Greenpeace: save the Arctic campaign:

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